The struggles of moving heavy furniture

Published: 19th June 2010
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Packing your house items for a big move is never easy and the most complicated part of the whole process, you will find, is the clearing and moving of your everyday household items. The best thing about moving out is having the opportunity to clear out all the things that you don't need and don't want, ready for a fresh start.

However the little things may ensure an easy transportation, with a little help from a few boxes which are widely available but the bigger items may need something more.
Most items of a large size in your house will most probably need a extra hand, so it always best to find people that are willing to help and book them in a long time before the big move. As some furniture may be old, fragile or made of real heavy wood, even a few people around the item may still prove to be a back breaking job. That's why there are plenty of house moving items on the market, designed to help with these sorts of situations.

Handling equipment comes in many shapes and sizes, from double ended trolleys and dolly trucks, to expresso trucks and sack trucks, there's always something which can help your move. Sliders are also a great buy, as with a lift and slide your furniture is instantly transformed into something portable. If you're not sure about these gadgets than I strongly advise that you check them out online, and see how they can work best for you. With some of the handling devices being able to life and carry 500kg you will be surprised at how much these gadgets can assist with your move and if you find your one to move house a lot, the price is most defiantly worth it.

There are also stair climbers which are specially designed to aid the mounting of kerbs, doorsteps and stairs. If used on stairs, however, it is safer for two people to operate it. At around 50 pounds, handling equipment is fairly reasonable for the items it can assist with. It can also be easily stored away into a cupboard or garage and will last a fairly long time, depending on its care. There are also trolley designs to place large on top and pull along instead of push which may be easier for some home movers.

Whatever the item, moving large items of furniture can be a dangerous and hazardous process, so it's always best to ensure that you have the right equipment available.

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